The Southern Levant

The Southern Levant represents all of the area of ancient Canaan including modern Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, southern Syria and Cyprus. This site will focus specifically on the pottery of the Holy Land throughout the periods.  

Browse by Period

    Pottery Neolithic A, ca. 6000-5000 BCE
    Pottery Neolithic B, ca. 5000-4500/4300 BCE
Chalcolithic, ca. 4500/4300-3600/3500 BCE
     Early Bronze Age IA and B, ca. 3600/3500-3000 BCE
    Early Bronze Age II, ca. 3000-2700 BCE
    Early Bronze Age III, ca. 2700-2200 BCE
Intermediate Bronze, ca. 2200-2000 BCE
    The Middle Bronze Age I, ca. 2000/1950-1750 BCE
    The Middle Bronze Age II, ca. 1750-1650 BCE
    The Middle Bronze Age III, ca. 1650-1550 BCE
    Late Bronze I, ca. 1550-1450/1400 BCE
    Late Bronze IIA, ca. 1450/1400-1350/1300 BCE
    Late Bronze IIB, ca. 1350/1300-1200/1150 BCE
    Iron Age I, ca. 1200/1150-1000/950 BCE
    Iron Age IIA, ca. 1000/950-800 BCE
    Iron Age IIB, ca. 800-700 BCE
    Iron Age IIC, ca. 700-586 BCE
Persian, 586-332 BCE
Hellenistic, 332-63 BCE
    Early Roman, 63 BCE - 70 CE
    Roman, 70-324 CE
Byzantine, 324-634 CE
    Umayyad, 634-750 CE
    Abbasid, 750-942 CE
    Fatimid, 942-1099 CE
Crusader, 1099-1260 CE
Late Islamic, 1260-1517 CE